Saturday, November 22, 2008

So we were weeding the back yard...

aaaaandddd we ran into this..another from the back
one from the front and a nickel taped to a spoon to show the size of it..
It's a banded garden spider or a.k.a. banded orb-weaving spider. We decided to leave it alone for now (Marissa was actually getting pretty close to it!). We also saw a couple crab spiders, and about 10-12 not-quite-fully-grown wolf spiders. Oh, and I swatted a hornet with my rake. Well we have about a week before we have to be out of here and we still have a LOT to do, so I'm going to make myself somewhat useful and try to clean something. We'll take pics of our new place when we get the keys!

Mah Mewzik