Saturday, November 22, 2008

So we were weeding the back yard...

aaaaandddd we ran into this..another from the back
one from the front and a nickel taped to a spoon to show the size of it..
It's a banded garden spider or a.k.a. banded orb-weaving spider. We decided to leave it alone for now (Marissa was actually getting pretty close to it!). We also saw a couple crab spiders, and about 10-12 not-quite-fully-grown wolf spiders. Oh, and I swatted a hornet with my rake. Well we have about a week before we have to be out of here and we still have a LOT to do, so I'm going to make myself somewhat useful and try to clean something. We'll take pics of our new place when we get the keys!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We leave tomorrow for Anaheim then we'll be in Disneyland on Thursday!..and Friday and probably Saturday :D

Saturday, August 2, 2008


So I was bored one day and took some pics of a thunderstorm... tried to get some lightning but it was hard. My arms got sooo tired. Anyway, yeah.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip to the ER..

I woke up Sunday morning around 5:30 with this excruciating pain in my lower back, which just kept getting worse. Rissa woke up and said she was taking me to the hospital (which I whined about for a bit) then ended up giving in when I could hardly stand. So we get there and Rissa ran in to get someone to come out and bring me inside because I could barely walk, if at all. They never came out so I hobbled in and held the buzzer down until someone opened the door. After the usual 20 questions they brought out a wheelchair and they took me to a room. I waited for another 15 minutes or so and the nurse came in and asked some more questions. Finally the doctor came in and poked around on my back.. and told me I had kidney stones! They gave me a shot for the pain and some benadryl for the swelling and took me off to get x-rays. Then I came back to the room and they came in and said I could go home and had to follow up Wednesday with some doctor they recommended on the paperwork and sent me off with a prescription. I got home and the shot they gave me wore off and I was writhing in pain again...then Gavin and Dave came over to give me a blessing(thanks so much!) and started to feel better. It still hurts sometimes, more at night. Hopefully this goes away soon.. I had no idea kidney stones hurt THIS bad... I have never had one before, and I hope I never ever do again. ::Sigh::

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weekend YAY!

Seems like this week took FOREVER to end...every day this week I'd look at the clock and expect it to be like 2:30PM and its still 10AM! AHHH! I went to the dentist on Thursday and got my last filling!! I don't know why they call it laughing gas, I never laugh when I'm on it.. and the SAME song always plays when I'm there! Well I can't think of much else to say... probably will later.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sooo exhausterated

Well my car gave me issues yesterday driving home.. somehow part of the intake came off and was just gone. I thought I had that fixed until I went to leave for work and found it off again but at least still there this time. I stayed home and worked on that for 6 hours or so then washed Rissa's car inside and out (still need to vacuum it), and pulled some weeds.. The bad thing is there's still lots to be done :(. Need to clean the house. YAY.

Monday, June 16, 2008

First post

So here's my blog. It's 11:22 at night and I have nothing to say. G'night.

Mah Mewzik